Acai — 10X the Antioxidants 7

This berry is legendary. According to myth, acai was so nutritious, it fed an entire civilization for years. Today, researchers are scrambling to investigate it. Anyone who works long hours will love to hear this: Studies show this berry lowers muscle stress and improves effort tolerance. Plus, acai has an ORAC value of 103,000. That means it has about 10 times the antioxidants of most fruits you see in your produce aisle! No wonder it’s a superfood. These antioxidants are shown to slow free radicals from aging our skin. They also play a major role in raising metabolism, essential for fat loss! 7

Beet — A Natural Energy Boost 8

Beets are rich in magnesium and folate. These minerals both help boost metabolism. 9 They’re also very rich in nitric oxide. Many studies have shown how drinking beetroot juice increases athletic performance. Cyclists participating in volunteer studies found they could exercise up to 16% longer than placebo groups. 31,32 They even experienced less muscle damage and less fatigue after exercise!

Imagine the impact it could have on an average person’s energy levels…

Pomegranate — Packed With Age-Defying Seeds 10

Don’t bite into this bumpy-skinned fruit. The sweet “tart” seeds inside are holding the real strength. See, pomegranate was a symbol of youth for millennia. Good reason for that. They’re packed with age-defying nutrients. Even the walls of Egyptian pyramids from 3,000 years ago are still adorned with pomegranate drawings. These seeds also improve cardiovascular health. 11 In a lab, volunteers saw lowered signs of inflammation after just 12 weeks of drinking pomegranate juice! 12,13

Cranberry — The Answer to Oxidative Stress 14

Naturally, they taste very sour. The benefits, however are endless. For centuries, Native Americans used cranberries as medicine. It was a calming potion for young scouts on long voyages. Today: Research shows us they were right. Cranberries lower oxidative stress, 14 improve gum health and even dental hygiene! 15 (As long as we run from the sugary, store-bought juice variety!)

Raspberry — Earth’s Skin Enhancer 16

It’s not just for topping a cheesecake. The raspberry is packed with 5 skin strengthening minerals: Vitamin C, manganese, folic acid, copper, and iron. Millions of people even use it as a face mask every morning.16 It’s surprisingly low in sugar and super high fiber.

Blueberry — Lightning Fast Metabolism 17

These are fickle fruits. For a hundred years, blueberries were too wild to farm. Then in 1911, a scientist named Frederick Coville discovered the truth: Blueberry bushes need soil extremely rich in phosphates, iron, and magnesium to grow! Those same three micronutrients play an important role in raising metabolism. 18,19,20 Blueberries have more than earned their spot on this list. Plus they add a deep, rich flavor.

Strawberry — Sweet Collagen Booster 21

America’s favorite fruit! Strawberries pack a punch with collagen firming compounds. Flavonoids, phenolic phytonutrients, and phenol antioxidants in strawberries all help strengthen skin cells. 21 They’re low in sugar. They’ve even been shown to help improve cardiovascular health! They’re a delicious companion to this tasty, superfood punch.

These Next 4 ‘Super Stars’ Are Some of The Most Rare Medicinal Herbs From Around The Globe – Carefully Picked As “FAT-Hormone-Stopping” Adaptogens: 22

Cordyceps — Energy and Metabolism Booster 22

Essential for anyone looking to burn extra fat, WITHOUT going wild in the gym! These are potent medicinal mushrooms from the Himalayas. The first cordyceps were spotted by Tibetan shepherds 2,000 years ago. They’re still revered around the world as a mysterious “Spirit Food.” Cordyceps work in your body as “adaptogens.” That means: they have the powerful ability to regulate our energy. If your metabolism is too slow, for example, cordyceps can help speed it up.

Siberian Ginseng — Weight Management Superfood 23,24,25

Move over Ginseng. Your northern big-sister is here. The fever for this prickly root is catching wind. Siberian ginseng is hailed as a calming tea in times of stress and pressure (It’s great news when we’re recovering from a long week). This unique root has also been shown to miraculously lower blood sugar! That’s one of the first steps to weight loss. It’s another reason you’ll be hearing a lot about this plant as the word gets out.

Reishi Mushroom — Ageless Youth Unlocked 26

It’s called “the king of mushrooms.” Ancient Japanese women brewed this into a tea for long-lasting youth. Modern studies support reishi mushrooms as a lifespan increaser.26 It’s also got powerful detoxifying powers. See, certain polysaccharides in reishi mushrooms help regenerate liver cells. If the liver functions better, we detox better. Detoxing is an important step to speeding up fat loss!

Rhodiola — Metabolism’s Natural Booster 27

This “golden root” is another adaptogen. In Sweden and Norway, it’s used in a popular energy drink. Rumor has it, Russian athletes used this herb as a performance booster during the olympic games for over 40 years. Nowadays: tens of millions of women and men in Europe take it every morning. Rhodiola also has the strange effect of increasing ATP production.27 That means resting metabolism. So even if we have no time to exercise, we can still help increase metabolism to assist in burning fat.

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